TOP 5 DNA Testing Kit! Your Genetics Real Easy

Here are the top 5 DNA test kits that where you can get results on anything from genetics to genealogy.    Find out what traits run in your family.

 Find out what part of the world you family tree branches from.  Not just for the rich but for all.  These are the top 5 that you can use to find out your info.

1.  AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing.
With over 1 billion family connections.  There is a reason why some say this is the number 1 DNA test kits out there.

2.23andME DNA Test Kit
This one is gaining some traction as one of the best and cheapest ones out there.   Provide a saliva sample and send it back.

3. MyHeritage DNA Test Kit
This one covers over 48 regions including Asia.

4. They even have a breed test kit for animals! 5. Vitagene DNA Do you need to find out what food allergies you may have? Then this kit might be fore you.